New Year

Hereford Village New Year 2018


The restaurant open 18.30 – Dinner start at 19.00

    Welcome Drink

Appetizer served at the table 

Ovenbaked Cod with herbs


Lobster soup with Cognac and creme fraiche

Grilled tiger prawns marinated with chili

Steamed salmon with ravigotte-creme and asparagus

Roast Veal Culotte seasoned with tarragon and Dijon mustard

Pork Tenderloin roasted with sun-dried tomatoes and parsley

Leg of Lamb roasted with garlic and thyme

Scalloped potatoes,  Roasted potatoes in oliven-oil

Bearnaise sauce and Redwine sauce

big salladbar

Fresh Fruit  and  2 kinds of cheese

Chocolate mousse  and  Tiramisu


Beverages ad libitum to 23.30

( Beer, Soft drink, Wine, Cava, Avec, Coffee and Tea

Total price for the entire event 

DKK 950,-  Pr. Person 

Deposit 01.12.2018 ….. DKK 250,- Pr. Person

If you want be right there when it happens New Year 2018/2019
Only one minute from the City hall square
nytår 2018

Table reservation: